The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations

Who should buy this Book?

Many people have extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects, but find it difficult to communicate their expertise coherently and persuasively to groups. Lee Iaccocca, former head of Ford and Chrysler, recognized this when he wrote:

“I’ve known a lot of engineers with terrific ideas who had trouble explaining them to others. It’s always a shame when a guy with talent can’t tell a board or committee what’s in his head.”

If that is your problem, The Shortcut can be your solution.

How will you benefit from this Book?

  • You will gain an immediate “edge” over your colleagues and competitors.
  • You will be able to present persuasively in “pressure-cooker” situations.
  • You will be able to speak confidently in front of difficult and demanding audiences.

What are the key elements of The Shortcut?

It is organized around the three steps of Planning, Practicing and Presenting:

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Planning: You will learn how to merge your objective with the needs of your audience through Larry’s innovative 3-1-2 System. His system allows you to maintain focus and thematic unity, and to stay within your time limit.


Practicing: You will learn to “practice smart” through techniques Larry and his team mastered to brief top leaders in the Pentagon on vital, time-sensitive security issues. You’ll learn to anticipate questions through a rigorous practice system, hone your speaking skills, and learn a fool-proof way to stop saying “Uh” and “You Know.”

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Presenting: You will learn how to convert nervousness into energy, use visuals such as PowerPoint effectively, employ voice and body to reinforce content, and make use of rhetorical devices that drive home your point Mastering these techniques will assure that your presentation is both memorable and persuasive.

What makes The Shortcut different from other books?

Although most books on presentation skills impart valid information, they tend to get bogged down in abstract theory and lengthy checklists which are not “ready-to-use”. In contrast, The Shortcut provides a hands-on, easy-to-internalize system that will make you a better presenter. You will learn proven techniques for planning your presentation logically, practicing realistically, and presenting with eloquence. The Shortcut differs fundamentally from the majority of presentation skills books in that it is not derivative theory, but flows from Larry Tracy’s real-world experience as a successful speaker in front of hundreds of demanding, sometimes hostile, audiences.

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