Read what others have said of Larry’s speaking and coaching…

You have been a splendid spokesman for America… an extraordinarily effective speaker… meeting with hundreds of audiences at the White House and in communities across the country, as well as abroad.

President Ronald Reagan

The US State Department prides itself on the communication skills of its diplomats, yet you, an Army colonel, became the Department’s standard to match in public oratory.

Ambassador Otto Reich, U.S. Department of State

Larry Tracy is one of the most articulate advocates I’ve ever seen operate on the platform. He’s crisp and clear, his logic and thinking first-rate. As a speech coach myself, I continue to learn from him.

John Jay Daly, Founder of the National Capital Speakers Association

(Larry Tracy’s speech) ‘Taming Hostile Audiences’ is a model of it kind, an outstanding speech…that teaches a number of invaluable lessons on how to give a winning performance, even to the most hostile of audiences.

Aram Bakshian, Jr. Editor in chief, American Speaker magazine

“I wanted to express a ‘heartfelt thanks’ for all of your help during our oral boards prep process…. From my perspective, our success was due in no small way to you guiding us along the process. I greatly appreciated the carefully chosen words you provided for my closing remarks. They kept us on point and were powerful words!

Dan Balberchak Jr. Captain, USN (Ret), Deputy Project Manager Sayers and Associates, San Diego, CA

Larry Tracy’s training is based on the real world–the high profile “fishbowls” of the White House, and the national security, intelligence and defense establishments. All are high stakes crucibles where clear and concise communications can make or break decisions, policies, careers, and even administrations. He shows how to deliver your message in the most persuasive manner possible.

Jim McCarthy, President, AOC Key Solutions, Chantilly, VA

The ability to get buy-in is one of the most valuable skills that an employee or manager can have to be successful. Larry Tracy is a recognized expert in presentations training. He received the highest evaluations we’ve ever had.

Anne Kelly, CEO, Federal Consulting Group, Department of the Treasury

You not only trained twenty-two people how to speak convincingly in some fairly hostile situations, but in two cases your training actually changed personalities.

Steven Cox, Director, Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis U.S. Department of State

Larry, your presentations at our Thought Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, were exceptional! Attendees are STILL speaking about the practicality of your approach and the methodology you taught us all to use to overcome fear and discomfort when speaking in public. We look forward to your participation in the 2016 TLC!

Skip Pettit, Chief Learning Officer, Thought Leadership Conference (TLC)

Yours was certainly one of the liveliest training sessions we have ever held at a Counsel Seminar. You held the attention of 130 attorneys…and imparted solid knowledge on how to construct and give an effective oral presentation. Defense Logistics Agency attorneys will use this knowledge often in advising our clients.

Bruce W. Baird, General Counsel, Defense Logistics Agency

I have been trying cases for over thirty years, and have given a number of legal papers. It was surprising to me how much your training contributed to my presentation ability.

Carl G. Love, Partner, Cushman, Darby and Cushman, Attorneys at Law, Washington D.C.

You provided an excellent learning experience to the Department of Defense Executive Leadership Development Program. The advice on dealing with difficult groups, and the delivery techniques demonstrated, prepared students for future briefings they will be required to present.

Warren L. Banes, Jr., Acting Director, Executive Leadership Development Program, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Your training was the first useful specific speech training I had received. Not in university or professional prep courses had I received such direct and specific advice…. your suggestions were exceptional.

Jane McCarter, Engineer, Department of Building and Development, Loudoun Country, VA.

In my years of experience in training and development, I have never read more enthusiastic seminar evaluations. You showed our people how to convert arcane and complex technical information into a clear and persuasive presentation.

Bill Fender, Manager, Human Resources, LOGICON Operating Systems, Arlington, VA

Your seminar on “Advocacy” for NASA Program and Project Managers was one of the best I have seen in my professional experience.

Francis Hoban, Manager, NASA Project Manager Training Initiative

Thanks again for the first-rate training seminar you provided our economists… the clarity of our message and the professional image of WEFA as the premier economic forecasting firm in the U.S. were enhanced by your training.

Gerard Vila, Chairman & CEO, The WEFA Group, Philadelphia