”Public Speaking” is the number one fear in the US, yet being able to deliver effective presentations is an essential skill for success. Attendees in the Tracy workshops learn proven and easy-to-implement techniques they can put into practice immediately. They leave these sessions more competent and confident speakers than when they entered.

All Tracy Presentation Skills workshops/coaching sessions and keynote addresses are tailored to the specific requirements of the client, based on a joint needs analysis. The workshop can be expanded to more than two days or contracted to one day, depending on the time allocated by the client and number of people to be trained. Participant practice presentations are video-taped on mini-DVDs which can be played on a laptop. Attendees will be given their mini-DVDs and all printed course materials, including Larry Tracy’s book The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations, as well as paper copies of the PowerPoint slide deck used in the workshop.

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Larry Tracy conducting his “Briefing the Boss” workshop at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta.

Presentation Skills in a Nutshell: The “Shortcut” to Persuasive Eloquence

The Presentation Skills in a Nutshell method is a time-saving, easy-to-learn-and-implement program that will enable you to become “persuasively eloquent.” You will develop the ability to:

  • 1. Gain insight into the needs of this audience,
  • 2. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the issue, and
  • 3. Master the delivery skills needed to connect with the audience.

Armed with the tested and proven S3P3 Method, you will no longer fear speaking; you will be eager to speak to demanding audiences.

The foundation of this effective presentation training program are the three pillars of:

  • Substance (the knowledge the speaker holds on the issue,)
  • Structure (the logical means by which this knowledge is presented to the audience, and)
  • Style (the use of rhetorical devices, the arrangement and choice of words, vocal quality, facial expression, gestures and other non-verbal communication.)

These three pillars support the Pyramid of Planning, Practicing, and Presenting, the development of which constitutes the heart of the workshop.

Selected Keynotes and Workshops

Briefing the Boss: Presenting to Senior Executives: Attendees learn to deliver presentations in a “Bottom Line Up Front” manner that enables senior executives to more efficiently allocate scarce resources. Presenters, “bosses,” and organizations all benefit.

Persuasion is the Means, Buy-in is the Goal: Attendees learn to achieve “buy-in” from audience members/potential clients predisposed to disagree. This program outlines a proven system which clarifies the issue in question so audience members change their views.

How Technical Experts Can “Bring Home the Bacon” in Oral Presentations: Companies competing for government or commercial contracts are frequently required to participate in oral presentations which must be delivered by technical experts who are not comfortable with “public speaking.” In this session, they build their self-confidence and speaking skills by learning how to 1) eliminate negative non-verbals; 2) anticipate questions / objections of evaluators with stimulated presentations, and 3) avoid “death by Powerpoint.”