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Larry’s writings on presentation skills are not derivative theory. They reflect his real world, practical experience which will help you in speaking challenges ranging from briefing your boss to developing oral presentations for lucrative contracts.

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The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations has been called a “workshop in book form.” It provides, as the title implies, a shortcut for busy people to become persuasive speakers who get “buy-in” for their ideas.

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Larry’s workshops and keynotes are not the rehashed theory of so many “how to be a better speaker” courses. Instead, they flow from his “been there, done that” experience and his workshops range from showing how to win over difficult audiences to training technical experts how to deliver winning oral presentations, often the tie-breaker in the proposal process.

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Tracy Presentation Skills

Would you like to become a more persuasive speaker who “brings home the bacon” for your bosses, clients and customers? Larry Tracy’s workshops and writings help professionals acquire easy-to-learn-and-implement techniques which they can immediately put into practice. This is not academic theory, but techniques which Larry has used himself before demanding, even hostile, audiences.

  • How “Fear of Speaking” Can Actually Make You a Better Speaker

    Learn techniques to convert this fear into enthusiasm-generating energy that, combined with Larry’s proven coaching system, wins over audiences.

  • Get Your audience to "buy-in" to what you are advocating

    Develop solutions to your audience's problems so they perceive their interests best served by agreeing with your position.

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“Speaking in front of a group” ranks at the top of any list of fears in the United States. Paradoxically, the ability to deliver an effective, persuasive presentation is considered one of the most vital skills for success in life and business. Larry's proven coaching system reconciles these two contradictory facts, showing how fear can be converted into enthusiasm-generating energy, which, when coupled with proven speaking techniques, can win over even the toughest, most difficult audiences.

Participants in his workshops acquire easy-to learn techniques which can be immediately put into practice. They learn to:

1) Develop solutions to the problems of audiences;

2) Avoid using “Uh,” “You know,” the boring monotone, the reading of slides and other mannerisms which annoy and distract audiences;

3) Intersect their objective with the needs and concerns of audience members so these people "buy-in" to what the presenter is advocating.

Among Larry’s coaching specialties is working with engineers and IT experts whose companies are competing for government or commercial contracts. These technical experts are required to deliver the oral presentation, often the “tie-breaker" determining which of the competing firms “Brings Home the Bacon.”

""The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations" is the seminal work on oral presentations"
-Jim McCarthy

Owner of AOC-Key Solutions, Chantilly, Virginia
and Host of Washington, DC's TV Program
Government Contracting Weekly

"I recently used techniques in this book to coach the management team on a proposal requiring oral presentations.The Result? A WIN worth over $300 million to my company.Enough said!"
-Keith Wallace

Program Manager, The Wylie Corporation

"This is must reading for anyone aspiring to the C Suite."
-Mark Amtower

Author of "Selling to the Government"

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